Walking about with Canon 600D — Canillo and La Massana

The best view comes after the hardest climb

It’s absolutely true in case of the road to the Mirador Roc del Quer!

Designer’s point of view on the recent political, economic, and social shifts

Watch here


I’m not affiliated with the makers of this movie in any way. My wife shared it with me after almost crying on it. Then my friend shared it .Then …

Surrounded by mountains and amazing people!

Where is Andorra, you ask?

Andorra is a little bit in the middle of nowhere, to be honest.

Six steps of the design process with arrows linking them all in one flow

My design process after eight years of testing in the production pipeline

Here’s the main design process I tend to follow:

  1. Start from the design…

A short summary of ten years of design engineering research.

graph showing a complex shape made out of separate different parts

Browser layout with elements and a hand pointing at it

Bionic bar on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Source

Searching for productivity gains in engineering


Let’s get it out of the way; software engineering is a complicated endeavour.

There are several of complex disciplines between front-end and back-end: DevOps, Services, Databases, and APIs, to name the most common ones.

No to no code

No/low-code platforms, like Bubble, Webflow, or Honeycode, don’t offer enough flexibility, scalability, and dependability for enterprise-level…

Making sense of best practices in UX.

What’s the difference between guidelines, design systems, and conventions?

illustration shows conceptual representation of guidelines a messy line, design systems as lego blocks, conventions as goals
Guidelines, design systems, and conventions

Photo by Caleb Angel on Unsplash

Rapid-code patterns in React Apps for designers and product owners who want to contribute directly to the final product

Rapid-code is not no-code

Have you heard of low-code and no-code solutions like Bubble or Honeycode? The goal of no-code tools is to make apps without writing code. You can achieve that goal, but you end-up locked in their platform.

Imagine a combined flexibility of code with simplicity of Lego blocks…

Tom Parandyk

I make creative tools for the next generations of product engineers. Co-founder at Views Tools. Full Stack Designer at Greyfinch. https://views.tools/

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