Under the blue, Florida’s sky

Where the clouds walk the Olympus like giants chased by the constant wind and the need for speed

I’m back. The sea is still here, although dying from the red tide. Deadly algae are killing the fish, the clean air, and the beach mood.

The life goes on; at scale; moving fast; with the creative attitude; over the wifi and into a fancy mailbox.

Open pools covered only with nets, high temperatures, and air conditioned cars keep most people off the side walks, unless the dog has to go.

We became friends with Mr.Corny. Photo by Mila Bridger

In Tampa I quickly realised how close this city is to LA and Barcelona. It’s all about the people, arts, sports, and ice cream.

My friend, Ricardo Garcia, an awesome entrepreneur who makes education better for teachers and students let’s me stay on his couch.
We’ve done some cool ideation sessions with Views and walked around Tampa

Streets, bars, and restaurants are full of generations of dreamers and doers, pondering and up-skilling in the clouds of refreshing artificial steam.

The city is growing into an architectural marvel. Mashup of styles spans across decades as I turn every corner.

Storms come and go in the city of thunders. When it rains, it rains for real.

But when it clears out…

I make creative tools for the next generations of product engineers. Co-founder at Views Tools. Full Stack Designer at Greyfinch. https://views.tools/

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